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We're Large Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care.

Welcome to our firm, where financial expertise meets personalized solutions. 

Sheppard-Harris & Associates, P.C. is a certified public accounting firm established as a professional Corporation under the laws of the State of Alabama in July, 1993.

We know that the segregation of our staff into various specialized departments - tax, auditing, and management advisory services has enabled us to provide clients with the proper diversification of services in the most professional and efficient manner possible.


Who We Serve

Not-for-Profit Entities

State and Local Government

Employee Benefit Plans


General Business

Our firm provides a comprehensive range of financial services designed to optimize your company's success and financial well-being.


Our firm offers valuable solutions aimed at optimizing your company's profitability and operational efficiency.

Accounting and Auditing

Our firm exceeds typical standards by thoroughly examining and assessing all potential tax obligations that you or your business may encounter.


Our firm can support you in creating and putting in place the necessary controls to establish a dependable, efficient, and effective payroll system. 


We offer small business clients a range of services, including management consulting, financial support, and strategic business planning.

Management Advisory

We specialize in preparing individual federal and state tax filings, covering states beyond Alabama, and our pricing is both highly competitive and budget-friendly, tailored to the complexity of the returns.


Our dedication is to furnish you with precise financial data promptly, enabling your business to operate with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency every day.

General Accounting

Abstract Architecture

Sheppard Harris and Associates offers exceptional service and far exceeds our expectations for an audit firm. 

Wayne Rowe

The engagement with Sheppard Harris is not about finding what’s wrong; it’s about finding ways to enhance the practices I have in place to prevent future problems. 

Roger Watts

The team at Sheppard Harris is very knowledgeable, responsive and focused on customer service. 

Dr. Branch


We Support Our Community

We're here to help you take control of your financial future. Whether you have questions, need advice, or are ready to embark on a journey towards financial success, we're just a message away. 

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